I'm Jessica

There are some things in life that could burst your heart open so wide and fill you with so much joy, you'd completely forget what life was like before that discovery. That is photography for me. -- In 2014, my husband bought me my first used camera. I didn't know a thing about photography but for as long as I can remember, I was the person in the group, toting around a camera and capturing life around me. Before cellphones and social media, anywhere I went, I had a small camera with me. Most of my cameras were not flashy, nor were they fancy. In grade school, I remember owning a cheap film camera and then as the years passed by and the world went digital, so did I. Pictures have always been important to me and that importance was really put into perspective when my husband deployed. Over night I went from having this human, whom I cherished so immensely, that I could hug at any moment, to literally just having his photograph to cling to. He was there and I was here, and during some of the roughest parts of his absence, photographs of our memories pulled me through.

These days I've upgraded from those disposable film cameras to a Nikon DSLR. My photography has been a journey, and I've met so many wonderful people because of it. Military homecomings were the first time I dabbled in photography and watching loved ones reunite ignited a fire in me that has only grown. Nowadays, I shoot almost every thing and my approach continues to be capturing all the little moments. When I see someone chuckle in between poses, that's what I live to capture. My goal is to make people feel beautiful and give them a tangible piece of art that allows them to relive their most special moments, over and over again.

Aside from photography, my son and husband are my whole world. I also have two rescue pups that I adore. I am an advocate of human rights, animal rights and doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint (even though composting is a smelly job). I love collecting stationary stuff and crafting materials (that I rarely use), all things home decor and teaching my kid the love of travel.

Capturing Memories

“Life is simply a collection of moments, most of which go by in the blink of an eye. Photographs are the tools we use to preserve those moments. They give us the ability to look back when life is constantly moving ahead.”