You're booked, now what?

I wanted to reach out and thank you for booking a session with me! Let's start by getting to know one another. I've got a series of questions below that will help me get acquainted with you and further create a positive experience. The more feedback you give me, the better I can plan your session and get you as comfortable as possible! I ask that you don't hold back and tell me everything you can think of. Believe it or not, I've worked with women ages 19-65 with bodies ranging from a size 00-22 in front of my camera so nothing surprises me. The more honest you are with me, the more I can plan and make sure that you walk away with memories you LOVE! If you have insecurities or injuries, let me know. Does it take a while for you to (figuratively) let your hair down? Tell me about that too! I want to know it all!

Please note full nudity is only from the waist up and bum with below the waist frontal nudity being implied only

It is completely human nature to have some sort of reservations or insecurities. Please tell me more about them so we can be sure to deemphasize them during your session.